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Learn more about WVROA and our role in protecting mineral owners in the state.


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The West Virginia Royalty Owners Association is your resource for education on issues related to leasing, property rights, production reporting and other industry items. We are your voice at the WV Capitol. Our public and legislative outreach has been effective in passing policies for a successful mineral owner environment in the state. Learn more about our outreach efforts and how you can be involved. 

The West Virginia Royalty Owners Association was formed by a small group of royalty owners back in 2010. The founding members were concerned about the proposed Horizontal Well Control Act, which included language to allow forced pooling of all horizontal wells. WVROA successfully lobbied to remove the forced pooling language from the Horizontal Well Control Act.  WVROA began to grow in members and in its mission by hosting informational town halls  to also educate mineral and royalty owners on issues related to leasing, property rights, production reporting, and opposing post production deductions.


Through public outreach and grassroots efforts, as well as lobbying efforts at the Capitol, WVROA has helped push numerous bills to become law, such as the 1/8th No Deduction Flat Rate Bill, the Check Stub Accounting Bill, Co-Tenancy Reform, and a Lease Release Bill. Additionally, WVROA has successfully opposed all unfair Forced Pooling, Lease Integration, and Joint Development bills. All of our board members and officers are unpaid volunteers, and all funding for WVROA comes from voluntary member donations. We spend that money hosting public informational meetings and filing Amicus Curie Briefs on behalf of royalty owner litigants.


WVROA’s mission is to inform West Virginia mineral owners about the state of the oil and gas industry, leasing their minerals, their rights as real property owners, and promoting legislation and public policies that protect the interests and rights of all real property owners, whether fee, surface, or mineral ownership, to ensure that oil and gas development in West Virginia is done responsibly and fairly.


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